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Retromigration - Dead Tech




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Date: 16.11.2023

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On their latest excursion, Last Year At Maienbad proudly invites you into the gloriously breezy, beautifully put-together world of Retromigration, who’s melodic abilities have put him firmly within everyone’s passenger seat as they shoot down a sun-kissed highway…

There are a number of artists within the present day whose names remain constantly on the tongues of music lovers, and Retromigration’s name has been there so consistently of late for a number of reasons. His music represents the nucleus of what dance music means to so many, a form of music that channels the soul, chimes deep within the mind, and makes the listener escape into the depths of their emotional palette. His songs have an ever present Jazz presence to them, but his sound has numerous components to it, with rhythmic feel being right at the heart of proceedings. Retromigration always finds a way to feel himself out within his records, covering an enormity of ground and allowing each track to interact with the next. This makes his tracks at ease with the listener, forging a vital connection that works with mood and the concept of listening intently – and feeling very content about it. The instrumental approach he makes is certainly something, and channels into the notion that his music can come alive in any context, swaying to the rhythm of life rather than the confines of space. With excellent releases on labels such as WOLF, Handy and previously on Last Year at Marienbad to name but a few, Retromigration has traversed the plains of human expressionism and conjured up some pure magic within his music, not least with this latest effort of his…..

2022 was a busy year for the producer, overseeing four releases including ‘Kush Calls’, which featured some truly exquisite and memorable cuts that lingered long in the memory. ‘Dead Tech’ sees Retromigration shift over into more clubby territory, but many of the motifs we all know and love him for make some notable appearances as we shift from track to track. Playful, emotively porous and ever-searching are perhaps some key features of the first two tracks, ‘BO’ and ‘Lapras’, which represent Retromigration doing a house in such a refined and considered manner. Powerful swaying rhythm sections interweave themselves with melodic excellence, including an inspired flute line that rides high within the EP’s opener. The intro then flows into a groove like no other, with the flute featuring prominently once again, with particular emphasis placed upon the breakdown, which dips the listener in such a glorious mood. The vocals that move in and around the groove are inspired, providing an additional level of narrative in which to dive deep within.

The title track anchors the album in the mid-section, and it takes the mood down to a softly speaking space. Effortless in its approach, the tune takes all the time it needs to saunter along, with a groove to ride upon and a collection of melodic layers that are so easy on the ear and the heart too. ‘Half Pure’ arrives next, and this one kicks the tempo up a few notches to the energies that persisted in the opening cuts. The vocals make more of a visible presence here, with the repeating vocal working very well indeed with the solid chordal arrangement. The melodies are once again handled with care and attention, their floating feel merging superbly with the rhythm as the listener is allowed to rise higher and higher. To wrap up proceedings, we have Da Poet on remix duties of ‘Half Pure’, and this one complements what has come before wonderfully. The additional glassy chords do wonders to the soul, with the bass line adding power and purpose to the groove. It’s a fitting end to a record that carries the listener along, showcasing all it has to offer from up high but also on the ground, with feelings reverberating from top to bottom – always shifting, searching and moving, no matter what.

Artists who remain on people’s lips are worth talking about for a reason, and with this latest effort, Retromigration continues his presence at the forefront of dance music in general. A record that is sophisticated technically, with the production second to none, but it’s the centre of the tunes that make it magical. The soul is laid bare in its various guises, from the up-tempo right through to the slow and steady, there is so much here to feel with and grow alongside, and for that we can all be pleased for this to pass through our mind. So go on, take a gander, breathe, and immerse yourself……


A1 B
A2 Lapras
A3 Dead Tech (Feat Maurcesax)
B1 Half Pure
B2 Half Pure (Da Poet Remix)