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Date: 31.10.2023

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An Apparition introduces the hazy feeling of the EP with a thundering kick, dubbed-out chords, and a mysterious vocal sample topped off with a funky 303 interlude. The A2 track CoupCoup builds the late night suspense with looming strings and chords driven by deep, groove-soaked percussion.

Molecular kicks off the B side with eerie vocal samples and gorgeous, otherworldly synth work, and is held together with a heavy broken beat and a morphing acid line. The final track, It’s You, summarizes the EP’s concept with a mesmerizing exploration through propulsive percussion, deep bass and immersive, evolving chords.

Drawing from a substantial archive of equipment, knowledge
and experience, Mike McClure and Craig Lambert’s approach to production results in modern music that remains true to old school sounds, methods and ideologies. Rather than adhere to the strict demands of any given genre, they seek out what sounds and feels authentic in the moment when they come together to write. With their attention focused on live performance and capturing that same energy in the studio, AutoClub infuses electronic music-making with refreshing, intimate, human qualities. Warm tones against a deep, celestial backdrop characterize their sound. Brisk, stimulating tempos, analog textures and organic, nearly seamless transitions between genres keep their performances fluid and engaging.

Cut from the 90’s rave cloth, AutoClub understands the crucial role music plays in bringing people together. Supporting and collaborating with other creatives is important to them. AutoClub are hands-on producers, synthesizer enthusiasts and community supporters/ organizers who value connecting with their community as much as with their instruments.

It’s also worth noting that Craig and Mike are both accomplished solo artists, Craig is also known as Midnight Music Club, and Mike as Autokinetic.

Laurent Garnier - “this is soooo gooooood”
Om Unit - “Tasty morsels!”
Daniel Avery - “lost in dub”
The Black Dog - “Sweet vibe with a spot of aciiiiiiiiiid, strong EP.”


A1 An Apparition
A2 Coupcoup
B1 Molecular
B2 It's You