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Saunter, P.o - Signal Sorcery EP

Various Artists

Cosa Vostra Cosa Vostra


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Date: 23.02.2024

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Without being overly nostalgic, this latest EP from Saunter references the past whilst looking firmly towards the future, and brings a cheeky atmosphere to the dancefloor with a sound that playfully oscillates between spooky and surprisingly emotive - fusing the sonic palette of the darker shades of new-wave with the snap and flare of tech house and electro.

The A side kicks off in full force in its first few seconds with the frenetic drums and robust, menacing synth melodies of Signal Sorcery - a tune able to conjure up those explosive moments on the dance floor. Mechamagic leans more into the synth-wave domain, embarking on an exhilarating adventure through haunted highways to neon dreams and back again, keeping the listener on the edge of their seat, and the dancer on their toes. Codex Incognito closes off the A side on a more emotive note, introducing low-slung sleazy bassline action, subtly entrancing atmospheres and detailed attention to groove. Perfectly suited to soundtrack a Vampire's Ball.

The B side ups the ante starting with The Message, propelled by the chug of an italo anthem and a trancey twist, guaranteed for impact in any high-stakes situation.
Finally, P.O offers a masterful remix of Signal Sorcery, reinterpreting the track with his signature sound that he has become deservedly celebrated for, contributing a hi-tech and club-ready sheen whilst plunging it further into even murkier territories.


A1 Signal Sorcery
A2 Mechamagic
A3 Codex Incognito
B1 The Message
B2 Signal Sorcery (P.O Remix)