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Echonomist, Jenia Tarsol - Panic Attack

Various Artists

Afterlife Afterlife


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Date: 10.12.2021

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Greece's #1 dj and producer Echonomist teams up with renowned producer Jenia Tarsol for their debut on Afterlife. Renowned for his indie-electronic explorations, Echonomist has risen to prominence in recent years, establishing an untarnished reputation within the electronic music community. His sound is derived from a broad palette of tones, timbres and influences; from drum’n’bass to rock and jazz. Jenia Tarsol has appeared on a long list of influential labels, collaborating with some of the greats of our scene. His soulful productions invoke a spiritual depth, and his exquisite touch exemplifies the human experience with each new release.‘Panic Attack’ opens the release with an oscillating bassline and a rousing main riff. A disorientating vocal sample leads us into the main body of the track, which undergoes several phases of evolution. ‘Do You See It Yet’ channels new wave into the 21st Century, this is pure analogue synthesiser love from Echonomist and Jenia. Driving energy and hypnotic synth lines take this one to its natural conclusion. Finally, Echonomist closes the EP with a solo cut entitled ‘Purple Skyline’. The atmosphere treads a delicate line between melancholy and optimism, gently building up to an outburst of rhythm, percussion and invigorating melody in its second half.neo


A1 Echonomist, Jenia Trasol - Panic Attack
A2 Echonomist, Jenia Tarsol - Do You See It Yet
B1 Echonomist - Purple Skyline