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Mihigh - Archielong LP 4x12"


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4x12inch Vinyl

Date: 15.06.2021

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ARCHIELONG LP album consists of 8 intensely rolled tracks dating between 2012-2020. The release unfolds on 4 discs of 180gr, with gatefold covers, coated in Sani Stranskiʼs artwork.

Throughout ARCHIELONG LP, we are absorbed by what typically characterizes his narrative: a peculiar style of story in constant development. Structure and flow are a hallmark feature of his selections, adding one more trippy, eerie minimal style on top of the other, creating a rich and quirky haunted sphere.

A – The opening track, I HEAR VOICES THROUGH THE PIPE sets the scene for whatʼs to come, stirring the imagination with its dreamy, cinematic, organic sounds in disguise. The track provides a guidebook to distilling story, emotion and image into sonic form.

B – EXCESS ALL AREAS – hypnotizes the dancers with endless, reverberating grooves and a punchy 4/4 beat, introducing the audience to his gloomy world of emotions.

C – LA MANIA – lights up some dark pitched atmosphere around you and makes you feel like you are on the mythical La Mania club dancefloor in complete harmony, surrounded by strange and beautiful trippers. The song is like a painting, with frames that evoke flashbacks.

D – NEW LIFE – is a perfect minimalist setup of a percussion loop, throbbing chords and a sinewy walking bass, and itʼs almost intimidatingly heady. Its militant kick and incessant hi-hats propel the beat – definitely a dancefloor highlight.

E – MELODROM – percolates with Latin percussion and shuffling snares, which commingle with an array of voices and whispers that come from every corner of the song. From toolish to melodic, itʼs the diversity that creates the magic.

F – SING AND RUN – is one of those tracks that gives you nostalgia and reminds us of early mornings at the end of the party when the sun would be coming in through the windows and the dancefloor was in total harmony. Could easily cast a spell with the right audience.

G –RUMBLING DREAM – is a ritualistic-sounding slice, crossing towards the kind of slow-burning, atmospheric cuts that doubtless inspire his intricate studio productions. The vocals are unusually illustrative and make a lasting impression.

H – KLAUS DID IT – is an intriguing interplay between dark functionality and high velocity grooves — the type of deep, trippy, IDM-tipped tunes. Its warped tones are forming dank, lurching rhythms that trap you like a spiderweb, venturing into a bizarre, rewarding territory. The conclusion? You can spend a decade honing a very particular personal vision and not run short of inspiration. Mihigh is a world-builder: everything he does is about further extending and reinforcing that world.

ARCHIELONG LP is capturing the beauty at the intersection of experiment and perpetual learning


A1 I Hear Voices Through The Pipe
B1 Excess All Areas
C1 La Mania
D1 New Life
E1 Melodrom
F1 Sing And Run
G1 Rumbling Dream
H1 Klaus Did It