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Brenko - Alpha Wave


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WWM012 is Brenko's long-awaited release, a mini album that takes you on a musical journey through various emotions and soundscapes.

The project maintains a consistent feel, making it a cohesive work of art.
Brenko showcases a great talent for blending electronic and ambient elements, creating an album that’s both innovative and deeply engaging.

The album opens with "Alpha Wave," pulling you into a hypnotic electronic vibe with its pulsing rhythm and layered sound waves, creating a calming, introspective sonic landscape. This sets the tone for the whole release, offering a deep, meditative listening experience.

The next track, "Lisolia's Voice" introduces a more structured and dynamic melody. Here, Brenko plays with complex rhythms and diverse sound textures, striking a balance between energy and melody. The smooth transitions and use of synthesizers evoke a sense of journey and discovery.

"The Sky Vanished" takes the album to a darker, more intense place. The aggressive beats and distorted sounds create a stark contrast with the earlier tracks, exploring themes of tension and release while maintaining a constant energy that keeps you hooked.

With " Subconscious Activity" the album shifts back to a reflective tone. This track features a slower rhythm and ambient sounds that float freely in space. The skillful use of sound effects and pauses creates a sense of depth and mystery, inviting full immersion in the music.

" Beginner's Luck" changes the pace significantly with its mix of precise percussion and enveloping melodies, making it more dancefloor-friendly while still fitting the album's overall vibe.

"Sirius" experiments with organic sounds and vocal samples, adding a human dimension to the album by blending elements of concrete music with electronics.

The album concludes with "I Stayed Motionless In Air" a track that captures the project's essence perfectly. The ambient sounds and ethereal melodies create a peaceful and conclusive atmosphere, inviting reflection on the journey you've just experienced.


A1 Alpha Wave
A2 Lisolia's Voice
A3 The Sky Vanished
A4 Subconscious Activity
B1 Beginner's Luck
B2 Sirius
B3 I Stayed Motionless In Air