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Julia Govor - United

Julia Govor

Rhythm Cult


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Date: 04.07.2017

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Fresh from her last release which featured an essential remix from Ricardo Villolobos,
Russian artist Julia Govor is back with three more great tracks on the ever excellent 
Rhythm Cult. 

Julia has come a long way since playing in a military band and is now a foremost house 
and techno name who has released on labels like Cocoon, Hypertone and Second 
State. She can also be found rocking crowds at the likes of Awakenings, Time Warp, 
ADE & Sonar often alongside Richie Hawtin, with the core of her sound built around 
an emotional truth, depth and devotion to seductive rhythms. 

Opening the EP is the immediately absorbing 'United', a deep electronic house tune 
with a warm bed of crisp, driving beats overlaid with acid twitches and dry claps. It 
really locks you in and some female musings add a pensive air. 

Next is the equally excellent 'Morse Code,', an airy and cerebral, super deep roller that 
is quick and slick and filled with eerie atmospheres. Razor sharp hi-hats cut up the 
groove, ponderous and hollow bass synths add depth and the whole thing is made for
heady backrooms at 4am. 

Last of all is the seductive 'Parallelepiped', a quick and clipped deep techno cut that 
will get you on your toes. Distant synth patters and perfectly programmed, frictionless 
drums all add up to a steamy and seductive sound. 

This is a high class EP of heady house and techno that will find favour with 
connoisseurs all over.


A1 United
B1 Morse Code
B2 Parallelepiped