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Tommy Vicari Jnr - Beta Stop Thinking Ep

Tommy Vicari Jnr



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Date: 04.10.2017

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Lowwaxx open doors for a very special welcome to the well established UK scene producer Tommy Vicary Jnr, signing label's 3rd release with 2 originals bangers as well as a remix by Fuse London regular Rich NXT.

Opening up matters is the sounds of the title track. A moody effort that's notable for its many haunting tones and a reluctance to follow a straight path, it's the sort of intricate bomb that gets under the listener's skin from the get go. Difficult to pigeonhole but still full of dancefloor panache. An auspicious start to the release with a track that's sure to get you talking.

The B-side then gets underway courtesy of "Best Way". This time, the emphasis is more firmly placed on tidy rhythms and straight up baselines, though this one also demonstrates the producer's knack for the unexpected. A whole peaceful landscape trip decorated with overwhelming chords placed on tidy rhythms and straight up baselines. Culminating the release is the sounds of Rich NXT, who delivers a stunning remix of "Best Way". Indebted to deep tropes and imbued with a catchy-as-hell baseline.


A1 Beta Stop Thinking
B1 Best Way
B2 Best Way (Rich Nxt Remix)