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Sota - Inverse Ep


Ornate Music


12,50 €

Date: 15.09.2017

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After kicking of 2017 with the introduction of Faune on the last release, Ornate continues in the same vein by welcoming yet another new talent into the fold. The ambitious Amsterdam-based Sota approached Ornate with a demo that he was willing to press up himself as part of a competition he had won, but the quality of the tracks was so strong we offered to press the record ourselves and give him the opportunity to start his own label with the competition prize.Sota launched Talaman at the very start of 2017 with the Closer EP, providing the first evidence of his razor-sharp production skills. The Inverse EP reveals further dimensions to his sound, dealing in assured club tracks that strike a perfect chord between functional and soulful. Deep chords, shimmering textures and subtle, addictive grooves permeate the three tracks on the Inverse EP, where the immediacy of the elements makes for impeccable dancefloor material.
Warm, laidback atmospherics on top of punchy sections nod to Sota's Spanish roots and his Dutch location. It's a strong combination that sets the promising young artist on course to make a lasting impression with his own brand of immersive house music.


A1 Subsonica
B1 Inverse
B2 Chatka