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Monikca - Floating Herbert


Big Bait Records


11,90 €

Date: 16.05.2017

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Monikca's new sound is excitingly fresh, clubby, emotional and allocated somewhere in the unknown, deep space between Wonky House and Deep House. This 12' is a proper tool for the moody and laid back 2017 summer-dancefloor.
Monikca lives in the beautiful Bavarian town Regensburg, loves Pancakes and isn't that much into clubbing. With her debut ep Münchner Jazz Bar back in 2015, she already set a glittering landmark. Now she's back with a surprisingly fresh 12' vinyl named Floating Herbert. The synthesizer (she calls him Herbert) supplanted the uplifting jazz samples from Münchner Jazz Bar. A slightly more mature mood took place of the lighthearted, uplifting sound we know from her.
This maxi is a soulful masterpiece for the joyful, in-between mood of an early summer outdoor sunset party. With this edition we continue our special limited edition series of 555 individually colored vinyls. Each record is a random-colored, totally unique piece. The colors range from black to white, from red, green, yellow and blue to all the mixed and mottled color variations in between.


A1 Floating Herbert
B1 Tokyo