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Jorge Savoretti - Soulvor Ep

Jorge Savoretti



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Date: 15.05.2017

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Visionquest's vinyl focused Special Edition imprint returns this May with a four-track EP from Jorge Savoretti entitled 'Soulvor'.
Argentina's Jorge Savoretti has been an avid record collector since the early nineties, and whilst engaging with South America's electronic music landscape at the time landed himself a residency at one of his countries most influential clubs, El Sotano. Since then, Jorge has carved out his unique sound within the global house and techno scene, landing him releases on taste making imprints such as Drumma, Esperanza, and most recently Ryan Crosson and Shaun Reeves revered Visionquest. Here we see Jorge back on the Special Edition side project of Visionquest following his 2016 'River Plate' EP, slotting him alongside material on the label from some of electronic music most esteemed artists, including Ricardo Villalobos and Agoria.
Flanging hats and delicate 808 rim shots lead the way in opening tack 'Hypsi', whilst a tight sub line, dubbed out atmospherics and hypnotic female vocals further intensify the composition. A visceral bass then meanders through 'Meoui', intertwined with spectral chords and infectious synth lines, all formed within a crisp drum workout.
Next up, glistening percussive hits and spiralling synths join forces with mesmeric effects and a subtle organic groove in the minimally inclined 'Miamaia' before Jorge then joins forces with fellow Argentinian Cape in the stripped back 'Soulvor'. Utilising pulsating subs and shuffling rhythms to create a framework for dissipating samples, subdued harmonies and earworm sonics to roam within.


A1 Hypsi
A2 Meoui
B1 Miamaia
B2 Cape