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Patagonia aka Noha & Alex Tea - chi ci pensa EP

Patagonia aka Noha & Alex Tea

Panick Panick!


14,90 €

Date: 13.07.2018

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Noha & Alex Tea's musical relationship is one that's yielded great results to date, chiefly as result of their work together on the Panick EP, the inaugural release on the duo's increasingly essential Panick Panick! label. Here, they team up with distinction once more for the label's fourth release, the only difference being that this time they do so under their Patagonia moniker. 

A two tracker full of heady, intoxicating vibes, we get underway courtesy of 'Chi Ci Pensa'. Full of swing and smile-induced vibes, this one may well prove to be one of the biggest tracks of the summer. 

The B side features the rushed, dubby flavours of 'Rimane Senza'. A multilayered cut that boasts a relentless edge, it stops only for breath when its sporadic vocal flourish enters the equation. Dark and banging but with featuring just enough light at the end of the tunnel, it's an all-round engrossing cut with a stuffy demeanour that's hard not to appreciate.


A1 Chi Ci Pensa
B1 Rimane Senza