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Siamak Amidi - The Black Fog Ep

Siamak Amidi

Indigenous Electronic


9,90 €

Date: 14.11.2017

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Indigenous Electronic's is a recently launched vinyl only label, seeking to showcase a combination of both known and undiscovered talent. The label's first release is a 4 track ep, by Siamak Amidi, the creative director of Analog Room in Dubai, as well as a producer, dj and Volt music label boss. The EP reflects the producer's experience with the confluence of both analog and digital synthesis. The A side presenting newer material with the B side some of his older unreleased works. "Unconditional Love" a stripped down affair, deep, dynamic and ethereal without ever losing the focus on the groove with it's tight production. "Retro Floor Vison Aspect" takes us further into trippier post 5am territory, also stripped yet with enough going on to keep the senses tantalized, the standout hook to the bassline, swirling micro electronics with a variated jacking high hat, tried and tested. Siamak's "Tool" is a deep techy driving affair, with light haunting pads above and throughout track with original use of effects on the high end percussion. "You Think You Know It" is a rolling percussive track that comfortably rides the boundary between house and techno, with well defined low end and sweeping synth pads that once again demonstrates Amidi's abilities in the mix down to not swamp the track or dilute the groove. An EP for the dj's dj.


A1 Unconventional Love (Siamak's Floor Vision)
A2 Retro Floor Vision Aspect
B1 Tool
B2 You Think You Know It