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Rowlanz - 312 Ep


Vivus Records


11,90 €

Date: 07.07.2017

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Vivus Records, the underground South German label, invites London-based and RLZ Music label boss Rowlanz for an acid-infused journey thourghout some minimal streets.

Having received constant support from the likes of Gescu, Barac or Archie Hamilton, Rowlanz is a name you should keep an eye on in the future and it is fitting that he has decided to collaborate with Melodie, a young Romanian prodigy that has had a quite meteoric rise in the past year.

We kick things off with Laniakea which is full of brisk grooves with just a pinch of an acid feeling to it that will get you moving accordingly. The hi-hats and subtle bassline complete each other to a mesmerising effect and the background sounds give a lovely deepness to the track.

The stunning vocals on 312 act as a reminder that you can always expect a surprise from Rowlanz and he is in full creative mode here. You can almost imagine the radiant energy boost that this track would give to dance floor enthuasiasts after a long night with a dark atmosphere. 

Melodie's interpretation of 312 has the Romanian's trademark sound all over it: acid sounds covered with a strong but linear bassline that floats all over the song.


A1 Laniakea
B1 312
B2 312 (Melodie Remix)