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Fabe - Life Is Audio


La Pena


10,40 €

Date: 27.02.2017

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After releasing a string of Various Artist 12"s La Peña is a regular in 
any favourite DJ's record bag. Now it's time for the next step.

"After all these Various Artist EP's i wanted to focus on one artist at a
time that would allow them to really show a spectrum as broad as 

How people consume music changed in last 30 years. When i got into music
in the first place it was all about the album. The full package with 
cover, artwork, side notes. I want to bring back that feeling in terms 
of programming, artwork and listening pleasure. Following the tradition 
of my favourite rap LP's the tracks are all connected with skits and 
interludes for a full listening experience. It's dance floor material, 
but the LP feel of it makes it great for home listening as well.

I am really happy to kickstart this with Fabe. I got introduced to him 
by a friend a few years ago and it´s crazy how this guys turns up from 
track to track. I think this is his strongest release so far as he 
really shows what he is capable of in terms of style. Super happy to 
have him onboard as he is one of loveliest guys around as well. Salut 
Fabe !!! Life is Audio !! - Einzelkind.--


A1 Square Walk
A2 No Utum
B1 Cookie Man
B2 Last Change For Tombola