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Gari Romalis - Mechanic Ep

Gari Romalis



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Date: 22.01.2018

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Modelisme is back with a 3 pure deep raw house tracks EP, singularly cooked by Gari Romalis, brilliant producer from Detroit.
Gari loves House Music, whatever if that sounds Deep, Raw, Vocals, No Vocals, Drummy,Techy, Hypno, Disco, Dub, Friendly or Unfriendly.. The only point is that must get groove, and
Gari Romalis drives Groove. He makes always his tracks as one shot based on, seeking alwaysfor right balance, sensible deepness and holding tension.
We use to see him on great and famous labels like Warm Tapes Adjustment, Isgud,Housewax, Rawax, Bosconi or Dockside, developing each time slight different moods anddirections.
For that occasion, he delivers « Mechanic EP » on Modelisme, sounding trippy, housy , dubby and solid!
A1 - Vibe (108 Mix) is a deep late night trippy house track, mixing killer groove and abstract strings, combining floating drums and subtle voices gimmick.
B1 - Go (Midtown Mix) reminds early Relief Records and their minimal swing, the hard housegolden period, efficient & simple with a contemporary vein, fat!
B2 - Worx N Progress is another solid built on dubby touch track, based on an heavy bass and dub echoes, sounding sexy and mad.
Already supported by Kai Alce, The Revenge, Sascha Dive, Jacques Renault, Thony (Frank &Thony), Baaz, Life Recorder, Anaxander, Eric Cloutier, Fred Berthet, Lootbeg, Schubert, Relatif
Yann, Did Virgo, Dub Striker..


A1 Vibe (108 Mix)
B1 Go (MIdtown Mix)
B2 Worx N Progress