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Tell - Faster Than Light


Quartet Series


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Date: 22.05.2017

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Besides launching his fresh Bodybuilder Quartet series (QSB), inaugurated by Scott Franka, Nachtbraker unveils yet another Quartet: four records in the The Trophy Quartet series (QST). Both these two Quartets will be released over the course of the next two years. The Trophy series will cover the warmer side of the house music spectrum. And who better than Parisian boy-wonder Tell (Banoffee Pies, Skylax, Rutilance) to kick off proceedings with the brilliant 'Faster Than Light' EP. Last year he released 'Hope Springs Eternal' on QS003 which was an overnight succes after getting rinsed by heavyweights like Jeremy Underground and Detroit Swindle, so a proper solo EP was inevitable. On the A1 Tell serves up some intergalactic French filter house dubbed 'Faster Than Light', which brings back the Daft Punk and Armand van Helden vibes of our Walkman-days. We all just love filters, admit it. Its true. Next up is 'Ya'll Feel That Honey (Paradise Mix)', a tune with undeniable swing and moody chords that ultimately collide beautifully with a delectable big room piano riff that will stay in your head for days. B1 opens with a leisurely-paced jam called 'What Can U Do For Me'. It's the 'pretty one' of the EP, the one girls fall in love with and boys hate to love because they know he's hot stuff. A high pitched vocal, asking what you can do for her, flies over rubbery Rhodes chords with neat percussion keeping you on the groove. The EP closes with B2 'Vamos A La Playa'. Keywords: coconuts, sand, bikini, six-pack and tan. Vamos! Large and in charge.


A1 Faster Than Light
A2 Ya'll Feel That Honey (Paradise Mix)
B1 What Can U Do For Me
B2 Vamos A La Playa