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Satoshi Tomiie/ Tuccillo - To Ray Ep (holic Trax 5th Anniversary Edition 2)

Satoshi Tomiie/ Tuccillo

Holic Trax


12,90 €

Date: 11.09.2017

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Tomoki Tamura's Holic Trax label has long been renowned as a canny exporter of clued in house and techno. Their latest continues in this regard, as Tamura again calls on a series of renowned label friends to bring the heat. With names such as Mr.G, Satoshi Tommie and Tuccillo all appearing it here alongside Tamura himself, it's no surprise that this 3 x vinyl record, celebrating 5 years of the label, is filled with drama and high points throughout.
This is immediately obvious from Mr.G's "Soba Shioyaki". Titled in homage to the label's Japanese heritage, it's a dark and dexterous workout that marks another high point in a career filled with big records. Deep but tough, it's a perfect of why the tech house master is so revered in underground circles. G's "Komorebi" puts a tough emphasis on the drums, as well as a weaving, subtle baseline that adds a further dynamic to his work here.
HT24 comes from Satoshi Tommiie & Tuccillo, two producers whose sounds are perfectly suited to Holic's output. Their four-track contribution starts with "Do It", a spiky catchy number that's exciting from the off. "What Row" sees the boys inject some added funk into the equation, before "To Ray" ups the intensity with a raw, pulverising aesthetic that takes no prisoners. Wrapping up their side of the bargain is the digital only "You Know", a real bumper of a track with Chicago-inspired synth stabs that help bring it to higher planes.
It's the left to Tamura himself to close the offering via HT25. A1, the appropriately named "5ive Years' is a techno workout of the type that's notable for its off-kilter motifs and a stubborn, industrial feel. Unforgiving and full of atmosphere, it's the sign of a producer who clearly knows his way around he mixing deck. "Polyphonic Six" displays the producer's more introspective sound thanks to a melancholic perspective that's hard not to embrace. All things told, this is a wonderfully diverse package from Tamura & co. Here's to the next 5!


A1 Do It
A2 What Row (Vinyl Only)
B1 To Ray