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Va ( Olvap, Ztrl, Jhobei, De La Munte) - Sunday Mornings 005

Va ( Olvap, Ztrl, Jhobei, De La Munte)

Kanja Records


10,55 €

Date: 11.07.2017

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Kanja Records is sincerely honored to present its fifth vinyl release, based on a concept called Sunday Mornings. With this series of releases we will focus on that warm up, early morning, after party gems and slowly fading away from peak time music. Our philosophy behind this concept is that the focus goes to the tracks being timeless, and music that you can listen to in every time of day and night. Music that offers a vast variety, but in the end coming together in that sweet and warm morning glory. 
Varuth by Olvap was definitely our first pick for the first track on this release. Warm and complex structure is something you will find expressed in all of his releases, especially with the track he presented on this release. 
Holnap by Ztrl perfectly sits beside our opening track. Minimalistic beats and nice, smooth atmospheres really nicely round up the first side of this release.
Hoodwink by Jhobei stands strongly on our b side, with broken up beats and sweet atmospheric pads he surely deserves a place on our Sunday Mornings series.
Disperare by De La Munte is the final track on this vinyl release. A really special track, that has a very mysterious sentimental vibe nicely rounds up our fifth release.


A1 Olvap - Varuth
A2 Ztrl - Holnap
B1 Jhobei - Hoodwink
B2 De La Munte - Disperare