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The Revenge - Roar Groove Meets Dirt Crew Vol. 2

The Revenge

Dirt Crew Records


11,90 €

Date: 10.07.2017

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Never one to rest, our pal The Revenge has been busy as always. His latest LP as 6th Borough Project Find Your Rhythm' recently dropped on Roar Groove, he created a beautifully delicate remix of Auntie Flo's Waiting for a (Woman)", had a change of scenery relocating from Scotland to Denmark and his collab EP with Dirt Crew, flush with Nachtbraker remixes was one of our biggest records of 2016! Amongst the action he's taken the time and a more in yer face' approach to write us his latest EP, a four-tracker of proper club tracks. Every Night' brims with raucous disco energy. The French Filter House' reminiscent gem's strings shimmer and funk horns hit heavy, a jam destined to wear holes in shoes. Grit' attends to the easy-going Disco grooves we love so much from The Revenge, plenty of shake and soul it's overflowing with good-mood energy. B-side opener Never Learn' gives us a glimpse of the darker end of The Revenge's spectrum. Subby toms rumble, tweaked out synths bleep and slide and delayed key stabs shift the party into smoke hazed, underground rave mode. The closing track Krokodille' brings that Bass n Electro gritty booming sound! The acidic lead wraps around sturdy drums. Straight forward with plenty of kick, what an ending to a high quality EP!


A1 Every Night
A2 Grit
B1 Never Learn
B2 Krokodille