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Sasha Feat. Polica - Out Of Time

Sasha Feat. Polica



11,50 €

Date: 28.04.2017 

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As internationally renowned DJ and producer, UK dance pioneer SASHA doesn't need much of an introduction - he's been busy revamping genre expectations since the late 80s and became famous through a plethora of musical endeavours, from residencies at legendary clubs such as The Hacienda, Shelley's and Renaissance to an era-defining DJ partnership with John Digweed in the 90s or his solo studio efforts that include remixes for The XX, Pet Shop Boys, Foals, GusGus, Madonna and countless other stars.

SASHA's peerless command of dance floor sensibilities is on full display with OUT OF TIME, his stunning debut entry to the Kompakt catalogue: it's a perfectly executed slice of prime time bliss, navigating emotional thrust and propulsive beats with the effortless style that is a hallmark of true champions in the field. 

Refined with the stirring vocals of singer POLIÇA, the cut already shapes up to become a future favorite for ambitious playlists, serving sweaty clubbing realness with an opulent side of melodic sophistication. 

Dutch selector PATRICE BÄUMEL totally gets it and rearranges the track as a suitably stomping, minimalistic banger - while keeping tabs on the emotional source code that it first came with. Together with a simple, yet effective instrumental verison of the original, it's an well-rounded package that will find its fans all across the electronic spectrum.


A1 Original
B1 Patrice Baumel Mix
B2 Instrumental