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Various Artists - Chalutier Du Havre 2x12"

Various Artists

Nation House


29,90 €

2x12inch Vinyl

Date: 18.04.2019

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This Nation House's first release is called « Chalutier Du Havre » as G'Boï & Jean Mi are willing to name all La Chinerie's releases with a name based on the acronym of the dedicated group (C.D.H. As Chineurs de House for all House releases). « Chalutier Du Havre » means Trawler from le Havre whitch is a portuary city in Northern France. As their first release, « Chalutier Du Havre » was meant to be a French one. Therefore, 8 talented French artists joined the ship and help Quentin & Anthony build a wonderful 2x12'' LP that shines with its ecletism. A1 « Une Autre Génération » written by Nicolas Mondragon aka Deepah is a perfect introduction to this LP with its absolute smooth deepness reminding us of the foundations of House Music based on social-cultural mix and tolerance. « Everybody was freakin' » is the metaphor designating these human values that are the legacy left from these old days to be transmitted to « another generation ». A2 « Cent Quatre-Vingt-Sept » wrtitten by Joss Moog follows Deepah in it's deepness ; the lower tempo and afro-caribbean percussions introduce perfectly B1 « Chapitres » written by S3A Sampling as an Art. Typically the kind of track that can be played or listened anytime, anywhere, « Chapitres » shows perfectly S3A's sampling skills and how he can build a funky disco hit out of several samples. To end the first part of the LP, it's young duo Dub Striker on B2 with « Sainte Victoire », highly coloured and powerful, this track is a dancefloor killer with it's endless synth and strong be listened eyes closed. C1 « NTM » written by Sweely launches the darker side of the LP with its sharp vocal and hats and this massive kick that makes you wanna shake your head so hard you'd break your cervical vertabrae. C2 « Barbès » by duo Mara Lakour follows the dark lead given by C1 in a more groovy way given by this acid bass lead and those dancing hats. D1 « Equinoxe » written by Janeret is the pre-conclusion of this LP, dubby stuff that's makes you feel as if you were sitting in a rocket destination moon, staring at the window and enjoy some spectacular space routine. D2 « Hent Avel » by Baptiste Letertre aka Ringard ; that's it, you made it to the moon, enjoy the stroll with those hypnotic layers but don't forget to come back to earth.


A1 Deepah - Une Autre Generation
A2 Joss Moog - Cent Quatre
B1 S3A - Chapiters
B2 Dub Striker - Sainte Victoire
C1 Sweely - Ntm
C2 Mara Lakour - Barbes
D1 Janeret - Equinoxe
D2 Ringard - Hent Avel