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Photon Inc / George Morel - Generate Power / Let's Groove

Photon Inc / George Morel

Strictly Rhythm


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Date: 10.07.2018

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The Strictly Rhythm imprint is legendary and is instantly recognisable by connoisseurs worldwide. It's a label that has contributed time and time again to dance music culture across it's almost 30 year lifespan. Countless classics passed through the NYC offices of Mark Finkelstein and Gladys Pizarro and this brand new 'Strictly Classics' series looks to celebrate this cornerstone dance label and it's immense catalogue by going back to the archives and presenting some double-header action for diehard fans and newcomers alike. That's right, the 'proper' mixes, reissued from source and remastered to the highest spec, each track spread across one side of a 12" for optimal sonic playback.

What better to kick off this series of essentials than DJ Pierre's 1991 Wild Pitch mix of the mighty Photon Inc's anthemic 'Generate Power', a record that still smashes dance-floors across the globe to this very day, a true house classic that is the perfect opener for this new series. Backed by George Morel's equally influential and funky 1993 proto-UK Garage groover 'Let's Groove' you can see the quality control is set to high. Back to back, strictly classics, nothing more, nothing less!

Remastered with love by Optimal mastering, Bristol from original master sources. Made in conjunction with Strictly Rhythm 2018.


A1 Photon Inc - Generate Power Feat Paula Brion (Wild Pitch Mix)
B1 George Morel - Let's Groove