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Louie Vega Feat. Anané Vega - Music And Life

Louie Vega Feat. Anané Vega

Vega Records


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Date: 04.06.2018 

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Recording this record in Cuba was a special moment in my life', Louie says. For the first time Elements Of Life, Anané Vega, Josh Milan, Luisito Quintero, Gene Perez, Axel Tosca and Louie Vega

embarked on a trip to Cuba to participate in Two Beats One Soul' album on RVMK Records. The Results were four tracks on the album and one of them a very unique song Music And Life' featuring the sultry and angelic voice of Anané Vega. The song was penned by Josh Milan, and Louie Vega contributed with the music. Gene Perez on Electric Bass, Josh & Axel Tosca on Keyboards, and Luisito Quintero on Percussion. Released as a digital single recently, it's now on many radio and club charts worldwide, as well featured on compilations. On top of all this momentum Vega Records, then reached out to RVMK Records and licensed the track for a special picture vinyl release. The picture vinyl is a collectors piece, get your hands on it fast as there will be a limited number made. Anané Vega on the picture vinyl with her signature as well, colorful and sonically delicious! Release Date is May 25, 2018 at a vinyl store near you.


A1 Louie Vega "the Anane Ritual" Remix
B1 Louie Vega Ritual Pno Dub
B2 Short Mix