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Frag Maddin - De Wizard Ep

Frag Maddin

Kakudo Records


15,50 €

Date: 30.01.2018

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Frag Maddin's wizard like studio techniques don't need no black magic - just solid ingredients, being boiled in his studio cauldron. In the process, the old becomes the new again. This time, in its most musical form for Kakudo Records yet. His EP is a magical kaleidoscope of sounds and feelings that work their charms on our souls, brains and hips. Think Chicago, think NYC's kinky trax of the early 90ies, think silly amounts of bass and think flourishingly funked out synths making for an individual musical language with Maddin. Timeless sounds! Point 0 is now, these ones will last!

A1: Bullish 
This one rounds off the nervous and flippant, overwhelming energy of Frag Maddin's beat and chord worx while bowing down to his funk, rap and house-routines. Bullish is an agile fighter. Beware - or you miss some of the punches coming in!

A2: Teehaus
This ceremony churns the goods from the very depths. Classic house in a raw, bassy, dirty warehouse manner. Seering vocals keeping the tension and demanding synths that slowly but surely unfold th energy - like boiling water opens the teabud!

B1: Point 0 
A track that serves a basic backbone to the array of tunes here. Classic house, bowing down to Kakudo's Records beloved early nineties. Every sound a puncturing pressure point again. Machine grooves hammer home the message of this EP that has no fillers but offers raw fun(k) throughout! 

B2: De Wizard
Quirky, flirtatious, somewhat trancy chords fly on high. While reminiscent Detroit sounds feed your brain and the bass tickles your guts. De Wizard's recipe is to conjure things in time. Take yours and observe, for building up tension is clearly one of Frag Maddin's best tricks!


A1 Bullish
A2 Teehaus
B1 Point 0
B2 De Wizard