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Translate - Stratospheric Architektur




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Date: 02.03.2017

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Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Calder City Development Corp. was developed to build and reshape the landscape, structure and concepts of urban electronic music by using a philosophy of deep experimentation and raw vision. 

The first release Stratospheric Architektur' comes from West Michigan native Translate', who's debut release Station Identification' was on the legendary label FEROX. This three track EP features two 10 minute bangers for the club, very much techno but with house sensibilities that should satisfy deep house to techno heads. 

Face 1///Break beats begin this release but then is quickly changed into a four on the floor. The rumbling kick establishes the pulse as a hihat comes in to join the rhythm. The baseline come in slowly, syncopated as it likes, steadily as more percussion establishes the groove. Long chord pads come in to say hello as they steadily modulate underneath the feeling emanates soft and hard simultaneous. The tune gives of opposing feelings but always of goodness. 

Face 2///A kick drum drops that introduces a vocal sample that slowly fades in from the ether. Flowing pads join slowly giving a sense of ubiquity. Percussion then arrives creating the full amount of the groove. In the middle of the tune, the full vocal sample comes in as the track is fully cooking now and continues to rock until its conclusion.

Face 3/// An ambient piece that features some pitched white noise and droning pads. Sometimes spooky and harsh but with a soft tone due to the pads that pulls a listener's emotion in different directions.


A1 Face 1
B1 Face 2
B2 Face 3