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Elenco dei prodotti da parte del fornitore: Melodies International

Established in 2015, Melodies International is a new reissue label whose soul aim is to share very special and relatively undiscovered sounds - music that few ears have been lucky enough to hear before. 

With roots in dusty crates and dingy basements, Melodies is the result of some unique people - and some particularly unique records - finding themselves harmoniously unified on dance-floors across the globe. From London to New York to Berlin, Floating Points' internationally acclaimed ‘You’re A Melody’ parties have seen scores of DJs and dedicated dancers celebrate the sounds of modern soul, disco and boogie, long after the lights have come up every time. Out of this energy emerged a common desire to circulate the anthems of these dances to an even wider audience, with the additional hope that the transient essence of ‘You’re A Melody’ might also be preserved in some way.

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