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All Day I Dream's parties began on a baking Brooklyn rooftop back in 2011 and have since become an international sensation, spurred on by Lee Burridge and his partner Matthew Dekay's signature technicolor emotionalism. The sort that's all too rare in the current electronic music scene. 

Matthew and Lee were first introduced in 2008 and their special friendship and mutual appreciation for each others music led to a strong desire to collaborate. 

During this time Lee shared the idea of All Day I Dream with Matthew who, inspired by Lee's RA mix and the imagined musical landscape for the parties and label, began translating the idea in to the music the pair later released. 

Spreading across America from New York to Los Angeles, the parties expanded and flourished due in part to Lee’s major presence at Burning Man and Matthew’s creative ingenuity in the studio. 

Giving the partygoer (or “Dreamer”) more than just the usual short DJ set, All Day I Dream aspired to create it's own unique ambience through the combination of the musical selection and journey as well as unique venues, each decorated with draped fabric, fairy lights and lanterns creating an unparalleled and magical atmosphere.

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