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The Raw Paper Records story begins in the year of 2014 when a deep passion for House and Techno music drives our protagonists, the RPR crew, on a mission: to find, create, promote and ultimately feed your speakers with the finest in underground House and Techno music (and all of the genres and subgenres in between). Make no mistake, even though the House and Techno tunes RPR caters are some of the finest and sweetest out there, the sound we bring forth is still raw as sashimi, fresh as asparagus, mouth-wateringly sexy, addicitve as sin, and above all - REAL. Yes, all at once. Raw Paper crew has made it its mission to provide You, the listeners, with the cutting edge in contemporary underground dance music, and we solemnly promise to succeed or die trying. Our ultimate goal is to grow Raw Paper Records into a beast that will always be streets ahead from the rest of the bandwagon herd. So to make things short and blunt: if you love REAL House and REAL Techno music: GET REAL, GET RAW.

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Mostrando 1 - 1 di 1 articolo