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Electronic label, based in Munich, and founded by DJ Michael Reinboth in 1994. 

Often originally associated as a club jazz label, that accounts for only a percentage of the music they have actually released. They are better known more recently for the full spectrum of sounds they release, with some of the finest electronic and non-electronic club music available. From house to disco, triphop to techno, jazz to downbeat; you'll find most sounds appearing somewhere on either the main Compost Records label, or appearing on one or more of the other five sublabels currently run. 

Big names in the electronic scene —for example MoodymannCarl CraigLaurent GarnierMasters At WorkÂmeDixonHenrik SchwarzKruder & Dorfmeister, et al— have either contributed tracks of their own, remixes, or both. Furthermore, many fairly unknown yet talented smaller producers have also had their break on the label. 

Tracks from both sources can often be found on one of the many compilations the label releases. Series like "Future Sound Of Jazz" (currently at volume 11), "Partykeller" (2 volumes), or "Elaste" (2 volumes), and some others, have helped the label achieve cult status for music collectors around the world. 

So far the label has released more than 350 releases, around 80 artist albums, and done so across six labels. 

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