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Byron Yeates - Time Machine

Byron Yeates

Radiant Records / Radiant Love Radiant Records / Radiant Love


Date: 03.05.2024

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Following on from 2022’s Sweat Your Prayers, Byron Yeates returns to Radiant Records with Time Machine, his second full release. The label head has established a signature production sound in an impressively short amount of time. Motifs teased in his previous output and that frequent his DJ sets are all at play here in a delightfully restrained fashion: Astral atmospherics, slick, pumping rhythms, playful basslines with skitting and flitting vocal chops are condensed into lush, club-ready arrangements that demonstrate Yeates’ deep dancefloor knowledge and razor-sharp production chops.

EP opener Liquid Sky drifts beyond the clouds and into the club for a hot and heavy hard-house hybrid workout: undulating low end, sumptuous stabs and ethereal pads are meshed together into a mature, modern any-time-of-the night club tool for discerning deejays and dancers alike.

The groove keeps giving-giving on Hyper-Hyper with stomping in-your-face drums, marching bass and vintage house themes stripped apart and put back together to form a track that sits comfortably in the sweet spot between contemporary techno and the more classic club moods Yeates’ has built a reputation for.
So too with Time Machine- the track’s swung bass and percs lay the foundation for a potent dance floor-ready number that touches on the classier strands of 90s tech and euro house, warped and reconstructed for 2023 dancefloors through Byron’s sleek and flirtatious sensibilities.

The EP rounds off with a collaboration Trip To Eclipse with fellow Irish trance auteur Spray. The result is a sophisticated exercise in groove control: Spray’s signature rolling bass sits delicately alongside Yeates’ vox chops and celestial synth moods to form a cutting edge, dreamy, trance-not-trance roller that concludes a sophisticated and refined statement of intent from Byron Yeates.


A1 Liquid Sky
A2 Hyper Hyper
B1 Time Machine
B2 Trip To Eclipse (W/ Spray)