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Dj Wild - *2* Techno City

Dj W!ld



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Date: 19.04.2017

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Bastion of the Parisian underground scene and Circoloco resident at DC10, Dijon-born DJ W!LD is a longstanding figure who has remained true to his roots since the outset. Having been responsible for an array of over 300 records on some of the most respected labels around, W!LD founded his own imprint 'W' in 2010. W!LD has since exercised an unrestrained artistic vision and output on the label. This has culminated in the forthcoming release of his album 'Techno City,' W!LD's first album in over two years, and a noticeably darker and more stripped back offering than the disco-fuelled production of his last LP 'When You Feel Me.' DJ W!LD's brand of techno is certainly unique. Swathed in sparse melodies and luscious pads, W!LD's airtight machine funk is a minimal orchestra of 808s, 909s and incisive sample use. Being both inherently danceable and listenable, DJ W!LD's 'Techno City' LP is a purposeful and coherent opus that works both as a whole and individually, as club tracks. With cutting edge production and rich aesthetics, W!LD carries the listener through an array of expansive hues, crescendos and cinematic atmospheres,
all underlined by a throbbing sub bass. 
This pure 4/4 techno offering from the French veteran undertakes an ethos of simplicity that is as refreshing as it is clinical. 'Love on the Beat' sets the tone from the first kick drum as the swelling bass line glides into 'Time to Say Goodbye,' a deft piano break later and 'Street Religion' serves up a sweeping disco-synth groove. 90s influenced 'Americana' rolls into the hedonism of 'Aimer et C'est Tout' before the cinematic, floor filling title track 'Techno City' jacks up the energy. 'All Night' provides light relief before dialling up the energy into the acid-tinged 5am roller 'Talking With Hoffman.' The climax brings us to the undeniable club track on the LP 'King Hit,' an orchestra of snare rolls, emotive pads and
rising energy topped by a striking vocal sample.
With 'Techno City' the Parisian veteran has successfully created a crisp web work of harmonics and functional club tracks that will no doubt make the rounds on the international circuit. DJ W!LD's 'Techno City' is a sonic landscape that proves both
an exercise and a master class in the age-old adage 'less is more.


A1 Aimer Et C'est Tout
A2 Love On The Boat
B1 Techno City
B2 Street Religion