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Crihan - autostrada soarelui LP 2x12"




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2x12inch Vinyl

Date: 24.04.2020

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The nostalgia of something that you only experience in your head.

This year Alin Crihan has been showing many different sides of his musical palette. For the 12th UVAR he pushes the boundaries yet one more time and draws six mind altering musical trips. The album takes the listener on an intricate and enigmatic ride where he once again demonstrates his remarkable ear and understanding for detail. The album is dominated by warm, floppy mirco sounds and noises woven into a steady beat . The complex composition and texture feels light to the ears of the listener which makes this album a refined, multilayered creation.

Alin’s fascination for the sea and river made him reconnect to it while producing the album. Listening closely, one will perceive the pleasurably peaceful sounds that radiate a deep dive into the water or navigate you near it. Symbolically water stands for purity, circulation, flow and motion, so all the characteristics that apply to the sounds and noises that we come across hearing in the six tracks. The album is a beautiful and pure way to reconnect with something that lies in our instincts - an inner peace treaty. In most of us this feeling evokes around water, when we get away from the city, the troubles or even ourselves and start rearranging and clearing the thoughts in our heads.
This album will catapulte you into any kind of world you want to be in. You just need to let it flow.


A1 Editura Estiva (Feat. Vladimir Giurgiu)
A2 Gazeta Olimp
B1 Eforie Sub
C1 Hotel Mzr
C2 Ducele De Chilia