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D. Instructed - Whitelake Ep

D. Instructed



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Date: 03.04.2017

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Nico Leschien and René Polley alias D. Instructed loves to play with the Filter and Effect knobs of their analogue synthezisers. Creating an unique character of electronic producing, somewhere between Chicago House ( Scrapped Box ) , dark Dub Techno ( Squirt Core ) and deep Detroit Sounds. ( Whitelake ). All tracks on the White Lake Ep sounds like a mix of 90´s grooves and futuristic modulation. "Gu´s Highfly Dub", a different version of Whitelake track, remixed by Gunnar Hemmerling, member of Eintakt label since the beginning. Floating Chord sounds, very deep and nice hypnotic flow..... Enjoy

D. Instructed ( alias Dirty Instructed ) also runs "Funk Injacktion" label, keep in mind, nr. 03 will come soon.

The Berlin based electronic label Eintakt' was established by Markus Lang aka Dj Plastique in 2001. In the beginning his own productions together with Telly Quin where in the foreground. In the course of upcoming releases Plastique invited more and more musicians from the steady growing friendship and surrounding of Eintakt records to release on the label.
The philosophy of the Eintakt label is to keep the electronic underground alive while being open-minded for further development. During the last 15 years many national and international artists joined the Eintakt mosaic and generated a label that evolved to a multicultural musical concept.
The labels independent and varied distribution structures made it possible to found new projects and concentrate on experimental sounds and grooves.
With every new release Eintakt gives artists the opportunity to even create their own graphics and design for the release, and to generate an individual work.
Thanks to all friends and artists, giving the label permanent creative inspirations. The Eintakt platform was expanded with the sublabels Hot Content' , Rare' and Townhousemusic'.


A1 Squirt Core
A2 Scrapped Box
B1 Whitelake (Original)
B2 Whitelake (Gu's Highfly Dub)