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Isaac Basker - White Souls Lost (Part II)

Isaac Basker

Play It, Say What?


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Date: 07.05.2019

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Play It Say What Records and Isaac Basker return after a 5-year hiatus with White Souls Lost (Part II), providing 4 styles of Isaac’s distnict, “thumping” take on American house music designed for dancefloors, headphones, or contemplating human existence. Never shy of controversial track titles and themes, a trend that can be traced back to previous collaborations with Public Enemy as a hip-hop DJ and turntablist, Isaac cuts right to the chace again focusing on the state of the “soul” in post-Trump America.

On the title track, A1 “White Soul’s Lost (Part II),” a play on words of Nas’ “Black Girl Lost,” Isaac calls into question the state of some white folks’ souls in an appropriately emotive banger that starts with Afro house- oriented congas and layered deep pads until guitar solo-like chord riffs build to a layered crescendo. From this point on, to its conclusion, the track keeps the listener on high.

A2, “So Lonely Here” brings a definitive Isaac sound influenced by his experience growing up dancing in clubs to vintage NYC deep house. The track provides a deep, dusty, almost lo-fi-esque vibe geared to be a perfect track for an early set or afters. Isaac’s love of simple vocal drops in part from his background as a turntablist comes into play again as a lone, sexy female voice casually reminds us of their feelings of isolation, and is a double entendre on the state of lost souls everwhere.

B1, “Noisy Neighbours,” evokes that “thump” Hard Wax once labeled some of Isaac’s tracks. Created in response to noise complaints, a coded reference to Trump supporters, and even Isaac’s world football allegiances it could be categorized “deep house techno” but this ain’t no tech house. Heavy kicks bump over choped up live percussion as a lone pad keeps it deep, and then an analog bassline reveals the underground, grooving along to vocal drops that demand the listener to “Stop, look and listen.”

Lastly with B1, “A Paradox Now!” Isaac’s love for titles derived from word play refers this time to Francis Ford Coppola’s classic film “Apocalypse Now!” The track teases with mellow keys laid over strong 909 drums and a prominent minimal bassline as it builds slowly over panned high hats. However, it then flips from chill to bumping as a live percussion sample arrives along with a repeated Terre Thaemlinz influenced vocal that proceeds to drive the track to its peak.


A1 White Soul's Lost (Part II)
A2 So Lonely Here
B1 Noisy Neighbours
B2 A Paradox Now