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Ferro - The Neverending Story


Less iz more


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Date: 03.03.2017

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With the dust still flying around from the mammoth Lessizmore 10 Year anniversary compilation earlier this year, the label jumps right back into action hunting down exciting new talent in the corner of contemporary house and techno they call home. Jasper Verrijzer has been releasing records as Ferro for the past two years, but the confidence of his production speaks to a much longer relationship with music. From his base in the Netherlands the precocious talent has already scored releases on Valioso, Kina, Souzou, Infuse and Oscillat and more besides. Meanwhile his DJ talents have seen him touring solidly for the past few years, not to mention being snapped up for podcasts by Phonographe Corp, Fabric and Fuse London amongst others. That should give you an idea of the talent the young Dutch man possesses. On this EP for Lessizmore we get an insight into the inventive approach Verrijzer takes to house music across four tracks of head-turning, heavy-loaded grooves. "Laura" leads the charge with a rock solid low-end rhythm section that would work just fine as a moody club track on its own, but the chill of the detuned guitar licks that ring out in the mix add an atmosphere that wouldn't sound out of place in an episode of Twin Peaks. "The Girl That Fed" sits in stark contrast with its tightly wound, high-frequency beat and luxuriant spirals of harp creeping subtly into the mix. The track moves with the functionality of a DJ tool, but in between the cracks there are incredible levels of detail at work. "The Wrong Wolf" is the quintessential meditative house cut, its insistent rhythm teased and caressed by dubby pulses of melody that call out a mysterious refrain throughout. Championing intense sound design and micro-sampling in the finest minimalist tradition, "Most Of Her Bread" rounds The Neverending Story out with a willfully experimental slice of techno that mutates perfectly over seven minutes. Across all four of these tracks Verrijzer's style is plain to hear, placing a great importance on insistent, danceable tracks while always reaching for a magic ingredient to make the style all his own.


The Girl That Fed
The Wrong Wolf
Most Of Her Bread