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In 2017, Purism label was founded by Italian DJ & Producer Enrico Mantini. Its stylish sound and undergound sound research are the basis of the International appraisal of Purism as one of the most important Italian underground labels.

Sonja Moonear and Raresh are two of the TOP DJs that have played Purism releases in worldwide festivals, such as Lisboa Electronica, a Portuguese Underground Festival.

Enrico Mantini encloses the greatest of all Italian House Music artists in the Purism releases. Some of these artists are NUDGE (DJ’s duo and Howl label owner), legendary Flavio Vecchi (historic DJ on the 90s in the Riviera Romagnola underground clubs, Ivan Iacobucci behind Retro Activity pseudonimo.

House Music rhythmics is the foundation of the Deep House melody blend, Click and Raw sounds give life to an authentic Underground deep abyss!

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items